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Aug 23, 2013 7:30pm EDT
. and philip agnew protested and picketed and marched with us then over ten years ago, reverend. >> he was brilliant. >> and he's leading the sit in movement now. you get started at the right time. >> let my say something else about the student plus loan. it's 28,000 students kicked out of school not 16. to be accurate. the historical black president and the congressional black caucus have been working with the department of education and an knee duncan. arne duncan. let me tell you something, we proven as a people we can elect people. we have to make them accountable. it's no reason, no reason whatsoever this plus loan maybe you don't understand it. i am a parent. i have a credit card in sixty days behind. so i'm going to cut off the student loan. that -- that dog don't hunt. [applause] and the worst time in the history of the united states they have put out. they told the students in september students in school that they was put out of school because they didn't have the fund. that was your department of education arne duncan. understand that. >> because we've been with a few things
Aug 7, 2013 7:00pm EDT
to hear about u.s. intervention there. i ended up volunteering shoving those same brochures in to people's hand in d.c. gloition who handed it to you? >> guest: it was an organization. i volunteered for eight months, then decided that our philosophies to dealing with the region were slightly different. i thought since the reagan administration was taking a regional approach to central america, the response should be regional. they didn't share that point view, so i moved on. >> host: who was paying for that at the time? >> guest: i department get paid i was a volunteer. >> host: i don't mean you. all the organizations. i want to know if you can tell us where the money comes from? >> guest: i think it was all donation. i really don't know since i was a volunteer. i wasn't involved in the administration. >> host: who -- cared about them back then? >> guest: on the reagan side, as you'll remember, he was drawing the line against communism, pretty much anywhere he could. in the view of his administration,ing in nicaragua was the -- of course cuba is a never-ending thorn in the side of americ
Aug 22, 2013 7:30pm EDT
. and they have used it to gain sympathy. this there is an anger toward juice, i believe, that cannot be explained simply in term of liberal versus conservative. but i'll leave it to others to make up their mind. let me tell you there's a now a very good collection of people speaking on this issue and publicly available. that was my job. >> host: here is chuck telling a story. kissinger had the right. though he abused it. somebody announcing it or taking it. -- [inaudible] he could walk in when he wanted to. he would do it for trivial thing. one day nixon was really good ticked off at henry for a variety of things. nixon didn't appear to look we but i know he knew it was henry. it's time that we use -- [inaudible] and kissinger stood in the doorway absolutely paralyzed. somebody is going to hear that on the tape. but colson brought up the dark side. they say it was true. it was pure -- nixon loved it. and did that often. that sort of thing often. >> host: he died in 2012 at age 80. how many hours did you interview him. >> guest: a fantastic experience. >> host: was he honest with you? >> guest: i
Aug 19, 2013 7:00pm EDT
the premises. two of us went a couple of blocks down six avenue new york had lunch by ourselves. we went through the big issues here and we found that, you know even though we don't agree, as alan said, we come from opposite perspectives here. we were able, in a short time to reach general agreement on a few principles that were the biggest and most important ones. you know, the larger point here is that within washington, and look, a lot of people know it. at love people don't. within washington, there's broad agreement what the financial problems of the country are. broad agreement on the solutions, and reement thae nothing can be done. it's the most insane situation you can imagine. it seems to be -- >> host: how do you different? what is your background or thinking? [laughter] >> guest: we may as welcome out here. we didn't do it in the piece you know, it's carefully written so you can't tell which one leans one direction. lets put this way. the way we see is the opposite of the way we are. i'm to the left
Aug 21, 2013 7:30pm EDT
. and it's important the people who are involved in this be able to the late great tim in northbound y used to after a speech say what is the bumper sticker? if there is one thing that the right has achieved, better than the left, left liberal progressives, of recent years it's the bumper sticker award. being able to change the conversation, for example, the death tax. it used to be called the estate tax. not the death tax. how we can get president obama to act on that. and i want to start with alvin, if you had any thoughts on that. >> i don't you know, i believe the president has spoken on tha. what is happening. that is the problem in congress. when the president put that sign around his neck, standing besides me acknowledge that he was a man. and he acknowledged that if it wasn't for the stand that we took in '68, he wouldn't be president today. so i believe if we get together and let him know how we feel, i don't know -- [inaudible] but that is the thing that -- that's the first step we need to take. let him know and see what his action would be. because if he don't, he. [applause] i w
Aug 8, 2013 7:00pm EDT
of dollars of meals, to drinks, tickets to concerts come to tickets to sporting events and use of a box suite to conduct fund-raisers. in exchange for this stream of benefits as congressman ney admits, he agreed to perform a series of official acts including agreeing to insert for separate and unrelated amendments to election reform legislation, statements in the congressional record and agreeing to support jack abramoff's client and obtaining a multi-million dollar contract. and he concealed the sections from the public and the house of representatives by filing inaccurate disclosure statements. c-span: anything she said that was wrong? >> guest: first of all let me make it crystal clear. i committed illegal acts, unethical acts, improper acts. i took free food from jack abramoff. i took free loose from jack abramoff so i don't deny any of that. i created this problem myself and i admit that up front however she mentions a lake george trip. i was not indicted or asked for a plea on that trip. that lake george trip i paid. the people went on that trip know that in the people they downloaded s
Aug 4, 2013 8:00pm EDT
they use slaves in the white house? >> no. unless there are some who were hired that we do not know about. .onroe use slaves he sold one from the white house, as a matter of fact. some of the household's domestic staffs were trained to do all of those things that need to be done in a place at the white house. the food, the decor, all of alterand they were hired, the history of the white house, to do that. >> i want to bring you back to one more. this is ongoing medicine and slaves. >> she fell on very hard times. whendifferent from the day someone leaves the presidency and you are guaranteed security for the rest of your life. that was not the case during that. -- during that time. although, she had done wrong, he felt some human compassion. he writes, in his memoirs, he would bring her food and give her money when he had it. the mid-1840sby or so, dolly madison was pretty up there in age. she had no one to look after her. he writes that he did what he could with what he had. he became somewhat successful once he got his freedom. >> paul jennings is who he is talking about. he was raised
Aug 26, 2013 6:00am EDT
to services with us. i went to sunday school. i help teach hebrew school for a couple of years as part of my confirmation package, if you will. i did my bar mitzvah and my parents made it efficient to raise us all jewish. >> why did they adopt these kids? were all the kids adopted in your family? >> yes. my brother is from philadelphia and my other brother is from korea. i consider my real family. i actually don't have any desire to go back and find my roots. i would like to go to korea. it seemed like a great country. but my family is my family. so i am content with that. >> what is your current job? >> i am senior political reporter at "the huffington post." basically i spend most of my time reporting. but i also help said the editorial direction of the politics team. they don't have a beat here and so campaigns, congress, whatever is going on, i have an idea or scoop onto my right about that. >> i read somewhere where you are evil. what's that all about? >> i don't know where you read that. >> it seemed like that just floated through. oh, here's one. one of the most dangerous in america -
Aug 11, 2013 11:00pm EDT
? >> well, that began with -- i the i used to cover the mayor's office. mayoral ered the 2010 campaign. assigned to ually cover the day-to-day, the campaign and that was the at the time. and he was the main opponent of vincent gray who was chairman at the time. so, you know, covered the mall campaign. i was most interested in watching kind of downfalls ecause, you know, everyone saw it coming. and that was my job. shortly after the -- after won, iok off, because he eard from sulaiman brown would run for mayor. it ended up he had a job in the odd.istration which was and then the next thing you knew, he was fired and then he do you ing me and said want to talk? and i was like, sure. we knew, he thing described some serious orruption about being paid in the campaign to disparage on the campaign trail. another.g led to a big investigation, a federal investigation. and, you know, the federal learned tors actually that there was something much on which they called the shadow campaign. kind of a parallel campaign to the gray that was done in secret. reported.t it was $650,000, nothin
Aug 25, 2013 8:00pm EDT
will use a quotehat someone gave reuters were the washington post and i will link to reuters or the washington post and give them credit for. byyou can read an article your favorite authors. they might say hey, good to andrew cell of an and see what is on his blog. your youhat i like start to figure out who you trust. absolutely, there are things i read on the internet, a blog i have never seen come i don't really know whether or not i should trust it. so i usually look into it a bit more myself. but that is what i like about new media. readers become more savvy and become more intelligent and it is a process of discovering and a much more assertive and interactive way of getting the news. >> who owns "the huffington post"? believe she owns it and we have part of aol. >> doesn't matter to you that she owns it or runs runs it or at least she started it? >> she is still involved in the site and she's not one of those people who started a site and stepped back. workingeally like about with ariana and working at "the it isgton post" is that not driven by what will be popular or w
Aug 25, 2013 11:00pm EDT
to raise us jewish. my mother never converted. but we went to services. she went to services with us. i went to sunday school, up through confirmation. i helped teach hebrew school for a couple of years as part of my confirmation package. i did my bat mitzvah. so my parents made a decision to raise us jewish. >> why did your parents adopt all of the kids? all adopted in the family? >> yes, my parents ended up having to adopt children. they wanted to have children. any brother is from philadelphia and my other brother is from korea. >> do you know anything about your korean root s? >> no, not at all. i get the question a lot, is that something you'd like to pursue? i haven't been back to korea since i was adopted when i was 4 months old. i would be interested in going back to korea. but i consider -- a lot of people say, do you want to find your birth parents? my family is my real family if you will. i never have a desire to go back and sort of find my roots. love to go to korea. it seems like a great country. my family is my family. i'm content with that. >> what is your job? >> senior
Aug 9, 2013 7:00pm EDT
what used to be. with the absence of that driving the violence, we got stuck there for a long time. we were 169 in 2006, 181 and 2007, and we were persistent with gang violence. it was kind of born in this way an accelerated. so even one crack cocaine went away come again to do then. coming down from that down to where we are now, we have a 54% drop. it has been a constant focus on the games. just really staying focused and bringing the community and to work with us. that has been absolutely key in dropping mad at last 54%. c-span: the mayor at this time was marion barry. running a short video clip of him speaking at the press club at this time. >> nearly half of those have targeted killings that occurred. communities plagued by high unemployment and a high rate of school dropouts. seeing a family suffer social ills that have had a negative effect on the poorest among us. we look at a map of what could occur and we will see that there are about 30% of the market turn to police districts. the seventh district in the fourth district in northwest washington. these murders are targeted kil
Aug 4, 2013 11:00pm EDT
. it was a great parade. thousands of women marched down the street. them, lson had betrayed you know, he used them and idn't support them and the suffragettes, the women's rights -- national woman's party glamour girl named ines bohand, a white horse and a toga floating on the end. went.ft women the wilson women did not. the taft women went. erupted into a horrible thing of men running the women, ting up punching them. it was an ugly scene. by the as supported tafts. president taft is always in rights. women's >> what did the adamses do. ohn quincy adams about their wives and african-americans and the white house. did they use slaves in the white house? >> no. unless there's something they don't know about that were hired. only ones in he the early years that didn't use slaves? monroe did. he used slaves. from the white house, as a matter of fact. some of the staffs in and around are trained to do all of the things that needed to be done in the place like silver, china, food, decor, all of that. they were hired all through the the white house to do that. >> clarence, one more -- this is dolly mad
Aug 11, 2013 8:00pm EDT
cannot afford or do not qualify for -- they or medicare use are in the city program to get healthcare. he managed the care for those residents. we're talking about 100,000 customers. how much money did jeffrey thompson get from the district ?f columbia o >> the d.c. charter contract alone was $322 million. >> one- time? >> no, per year. we are talking about a company that he bought in 2000 for $4 million. and at that time, the company made about $26 million year. so this is a person who really built the company up. some may believe that it was through corrupt means, but other folks say that he was very savvy, very smart. this is basically a circle of he would get the money from the city and then he would give to his charities and to his family and to his friends. somehow, that money would circle around back around to the candidate who would become councilmembers and then they would approve this contract. >> in your article, there's is a lot of photography. here's a picture of thompson says mother and son. and wes wes i have dorothy height. rights and acivil women's rights icon. if you ask
Aug 20, 2013 7:30pm EDT
once again mitt romney shows he is out of touch and uses indelicate language. here's what it was. president obama exploited different demographic groups. he exploited them to his own benefit. what he did was the amnesty for latinos and hispanics, he did an executive order and said if you're under 30 and had been in this country five years you can have a pass to staying here. he stopped short of calling it citizenship. we will give you amnesty. you went through the litany of things that keeps talks about, the way the president exploited different groups. here is where romney failed. he did not even bother to talk to the groups. a great starting point to a real relationship with black americans because mitt romney actually said, here is what i promise you, school choice in education, entrepreneurship, lower taxation. believe it or not to know where i come from, there was a time when black entrepreneurship, my grandfather owned a dry cleaners. he was driving in a middle-class back in the fifties and forties. but these the things that mitt romney was talking about. family values betw
Aug 18, 2013 11:00pm EDT
post" created a bootleg index. >>> friends with everybody in this book. >> i used to be. >> one thing he wrote, he said politico, mike allen, it's driving comp p conversation. >> it was a wet fettucini slap as opposed to a punch. >> everybody is talking about the book because they think they're in it -- or afraid they're in it. >> why is so afraid of this book? >> what you see there is done before anyone had seen the book. the speculation of this took on a life of its own. and, look, i mean, it's nice to have a book that people are talking about and obviously what happens is people focus on who's up, who's down. who looks worse. what news is broken, what nuggets are out there. but hopefully i don't want the people to miss the more serious point which is that washington is doing very well in a guilded age in some ways while the rest of the country has suffered. >> any reaction to what kind of reaction you've had to the book? surprised about any of it? >> not really. i mean, look, when you write a book, i mean, a lot can go wrong. it's sort of the way i approach the world. i have -- i'm
Aug 12, 2013 6:00am EDT
you go about covering jeffrey thompson? >> i used to cover the mayor, the mayor's office, and i covered the 2010 mayoral campaign. i was actually assigned to cover the day-to-day of the fenty campaign and that was the current mayor the time and he was the main opponent of vincent gray who was chairman at the time. so it covered the normal campaign. i was interested in watching fenty's downfall. everyone saw it coming. and it was my job. shortly after gray took office, i heard from the gentleman suleimon brown, who had run for mayor. he had a job in the administration, which was odd. the next thing you knew, he was fired. then he was calling and saying do you want to talk? next thing you knew, he disclosed serious corruption about being paid during the campaign to disparage fenty on the campaign trail. then there is a federal investigation where they learned that there was something much bigger going on which they called the shadow campaign. and that was a parallel operation to the gray campaign that was done in secret that was not reported, and it was $650,000. which is nothing
Aug 18, 2013 8:00pm EDT
class, which is a term that tom coburn uses. it is used to describe the impermanent of washington. a lot of elected officials go on to become lobbyists and consultants. frankly, life is pretty good inside the belt. >> let's watch this. >> "this town." >> mark leibovitch. >> "this town." >> d.c. is described as inflated by big-money. a humanor schumer -- ladle in the local soap celebration buffet. wow, mark. all kinds of reaction. taking down the preening egos of this town. the washington post. is no we cannot find out what is going on in this work. >> this book was so widely anticipated in washington as a screaming indictment. >> washington has created a bull leg index. index.otleg cawley callie dr. suggested the notion of the composition -- >> everyone is talking about the book. everybody thinks they are in it. >> why are people that you wrote about so happy about this book? me.eats what is interesting, a lot of what you are seeing there was done before we saw the book. the speculation took on a life of its own. look. it is nice to have a book the bull are talking about, and ob
Aug 19, 2013 6:00am EDT
, hey, this is a first line. you should use this. he suggested that i tack it on. i thought about it. i thought it was a little crass at first. but it worked, so i give full credit to. >> one of the people you write about is tom brokaw. here is tom brokaw, brian williams, and bruce springsteen. >> he would come to work every morning as though he had just won the lottery the day before. he was determined to take advantage of this good fortune he could not quite believe. we were all recipients of its might. >> we all did a guided tour of tim's hearts. >> there was a guy in a crisp white shirt. it says that he smiled. >> tell us more why tim russert, who you call the mayor of the city, got the official watch? >> i think the reason the death got my attention was the respect. it is general for or ronald reagan. he lived at the nexus of media. power, money. you needed tim russert. when he died in june 2008, it was an inflection point. it could be the media and politics. the epic general election campaign which resulted in barack obama getting elected. the internet -- really it was the first c
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)